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I worked with Cheryl over the course of a few years. I was tired of feeling the way I did and needed to change.               
I've always thought of myself as driven and that I could accomplish anything, and I was right.  Unfortunately,  I didn't have the tools or knowledge I needed to get to where I felt happy with myself and proud of who I was.
Working with Cheryl truly changed how I felt, my perspective, and my life today. I have control of my thoughts and feelings and how I react to situations. 
I love who I am and am proud of what I have accomplished. Working with Cheryl is how I got there.  
I have seen quite a few different kinds of counselors throughout my life and tried all kinds of programs to pick up different skill sets and ideas of living a healthy lifestyle, but this was by far the BEST I have found.
Thank you Cheryl for helping me turn my life around. 

— Abbie, One-on-one sessions


So excited to brag on this amazing coach, and friend of mine Cheryl Slagle.
This girl believed in me and really encouraged me to kick that self belief pattern that was holding me back. I was feeling completely discouraged and intimidated at the beginning of my 90 day transformation journey. However it wasn’t long, and Cheryl’s very simple and realistic approach helped me kick some unhealthy habits and geared me up for accomplishing some really hard goals that I thought I couldn’t obtain.
I am so grateful to say, that today I believe that I can, and I will. I don’t have to show up perfect to be my best self. That negative thought process is no longer holding me down. I don’t know that I ever thought that I could actually enjoy getting on my treadmill daily. It’s like this new freedom of self care. It jazz’s me up!

Thank you Miss Cheryl. This opportunity to work with you has been such a blessing. ♥️                                                                                                                                        
— Kalo, 90 day Total Transformation 


She's incredible.

I had chills and ASMR tingles in my neck. Holy cow.


— Haylie, Health Coach, Free Discovery Session  


During my 90 day encounter with “Unlimited” I must say that so much in my life has changed for the better. As I look back, here are a few observations that I made about my personal growth; enlightened about why I thought about things the way I did, how to recognize, question and change patterns of cognitive behavior, and I was given new and progressive tools to effect continued positive change in my personal growth. 

“Unlimited” was the key component in this positive change and I plan to continue using these newly found tools going into the future.

— Tambra, 90 Day Total Transformation


I am 76 years old, so I have been around for a long time and who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

I have had an anger problem for a very long time.  I not only had anger, but bitterness and hatred.  I have tried hard to deal with this as it was always easier to blame everyone else and not yourself.

Over the years I saw many counselors.  They were very good listeners, but they could never explain how I could change. 

I came to Cheryl in September of 2019.  On my way there I said to myself, you have tried this so many times, why waste your time nothing will change.

You see, I always ran away from my problems. I was angry with my family and several friends as well.  Cheryl had a difficult person to deal with.   I just wanted to get away from everyone.  Nobody cared and neither did I.  I took all my family pictures down of my kids and grandkids.  If they couldn't be a part of me I wasn't going to be a part of them.  My husband told me in an argument I was the problem.  I didn't want to live anymore.

As I met with Cheryl she listened, but it didn't end there.  She began to teach me how to react and how to get control over my responses. 

There was one person I hated so much in my family.  Cheryl began to show me how to deal with this and she said I would eventually hug this person, to which I replied: "I am going to change, but I'm not going to become St. Theresa." 

As the visits continued I could see how much I was changing and although I was changing, I had to wait on each person to see the change in me.  I put Cheryl's teaching into practice and in the end, I hugged that person and a few weeks later that person hugged  me.

I am on a great path now. I must admit, sometimes I trip, but I can now apologies and start over. 

I could not have done this without the coaching/teaching from Cheryl.   I'm very grateful to her.  I hope you give her a try. 

Thank you for reading this,

— Millie, One-On-0ne Sessions

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