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Attend dynamic workshops that cover topics such as building grit and improving confidence or learning how to manage unhelpful feelings such as sadness, stress and anxiety.  Need to change unhelpful habits?  Learn the science behind creating lasting change and how to be different without having to think about being different.  

There is just something about being in a workshop that intensifies transformation.  When I was working in the medical field, I was always amazed at what I witnessed in group teaching classes.  Later, when I started my journey of transformation, I experienced amazing shifts when in workshops.  When we or others share or ask questions, we experience the learning in a different way.  And the best part, I met some of my closest friends during these workshops. 

It's an experience I highly recommend!

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Looking for a private or customized workshop?

Do you have a group of friends or coworkers looking to improve in a specific area? Email me at to schedule your private group workshop.

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