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What is most important to me? 


Living the life Jesus died to give me.  John10:10

When I was young, I took on the belief that I was not good enough.  No matter what I accomplished once the buzz of the accomplishment wore off, there I was again- not good enough again.

This core belief became my internal autopilot guiding and shaping my life.  It drove me to work harder, but I never allowed myself to feel fulfilled.  It hurt to acknowledge this, so unconsciously my mantra of avoidance became “I’m fine.”  The crazy thing about all this is that I honestly had no idea I was living my life this way.

As a nurse for more than 26 years, I made a career out of caring for other people, but not myself.   It was when I became a counselor that everything started to change.  God stepped in and opened my eyes to subconscious patterns.  As I helped others heal hurts, mine were healing as well.  

Over time, God led me in developing a method of empowerment that helped others recognize their internal autopilot and create an entirely new autopilot - completely transforming their lives. They broke through (and so did I)!  Can you imagine having the habits you actually WANT on autopilot??  Being different without having to think about being different?

Having our autopilot set to unhelpful patterns limits our lives.  John 10:10 tells us were meant to live full, abundant lives and I can show you how!

Fear, Anxiety, Depression, Misplaced Guilt, Shame, Lack, Isolation, Not Good Enough.... Not anymore!  Now you can change those unconscious patterns that are holding you back.  Now is the time to step out in Faith and transform your life!  Feel what it is to really Breakthrough and live in true Freedom!

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